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Ontario residents - why are you paying $200 to $700 too much per year on your gas bill?  Click here to learn more...

About Consumers Wakeup:

Consumers Wakeup was created by a single mom who had enough of being ripped off. It was time to wake up and educate other consumers of the frauds and scams that are taking place in the world today thanks to creative marketing & hidden disclaimers.

Consumers Wakeup takes a look at what is being sold to us as added benefits, plans, warranties, insurances, environmentally friendly products, home repairs, shopping online, etc. and takes the mystery out of what you REALLY get for your money and best of all YOU get to participate sharing your own stories so that other home owners can learn to avoid the same costly mistakes.

This isn't a hate site and it is not being created to attack any industry or company - it is here to educate consumers so that they can make their own educated decisions in life based on more than just the promotional materials being skillfully crafted and thrust at us daily.

This site is created for YOU the homeowner to save you literally thousands in unnecessary expenses; home improvements that don't improve, green products that aren't green, warranties that don't cover anything at all, extended warranties designed to extend your payments not any real services, "plans" that only plan to take your money, and so much more.

Consumers Wakeup!  You have a choice.



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You don't have to put up with being ripped off by unscrupulous businesses! Learn how to avoid costly mistakes. Consumers Wake up - the choice is yours!